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Vegan ambassador

Travel, food and coffee lover

Hula practitioner & Peace Advocate

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German by passport - Citizen of the world by heArt

Aloha! I am Elena, a Berlin-based vegan artist and writer. I've been writing for as long as I can remember. Nowadays my work is published in English and German.

Apart from that I am a travel, food and coffee lover.

You can read about my travels on my blog #VeganVentures

Whenever I am not writing or creating, I take locals and Berlin visitors on unique adventures * around the city. These include coffee and vegan tours as well as night-time strolls through the German capital.


My life is my project and my project is my life. 

But it wasn't always like this. Up until a few years ago

everything was grey and heavy - incuding myself.


2013 a trip to Hawaii changed my life for good.

2013 in Hawaii

The chubby businesswoman

turned into a colorful free spirit.

2014 in Berlin

Β«ANASHA - The Journey BeginsΒ»

tells the story of what happened in between.

For now available in German - to be published in English soon!